Hillsboro Water Supply Project
Hillsboro Water is analyzing the six options below for a future water source. These options are considered viable at first glance because they appear to have sufficient supplies of high-quality water available for municipal use. Creeks and other water sources may be located closer, but are unfortunately unable to provide the volume or quality of water needed to serve Hillsboro’s residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The project will further analyze these six options to determine the one(s) that make the most sense to pursue.
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Potential Sources Detail

Bullet Arrow Hagg Lake Expansion 
Hagg Lake is already a summertime water source for Hillsboro residents.  Winter water comes directly from the Tualatin River.  For ten years, Hillsboro and its partners have explored expanding the size of Hagg Lake to meet our future needs. Recent seismic issues have arisen that have significantly raised project costs.
Bullet Arrow Mid-Willamette Options 
The largest river wholly within the state’s borders, the Willamette is an abundant resource. In fact, it is one of the few rivers with water available to be withdrawn in the critical summer months in Oregon, while still maintaining habitat for critical salmon and steelhead. 
Bullet Arrow South Willamette Options 
What if Willamette River water went to farmers while farmers allow municipal agencies to use water captured in Oregon’s Coast Range for drinking water and river cooling? That is exactly the question this study seeks to answer.
Bullet Arrow Northern Well Field 
In some areas of the lower Willamette Basin groundwater is abundant. Groundwater also isn’t as expensive to treat and leaves valuable surface water in our streams for fish and wildlife.
Bullet Arrow Portland Agreement 
Could water in the Bull Run System and Columbia South Shore Well Field meet our region’s needs? This project addresses that question along with the cost and feasibility of transporting water all the way across the metro region through Washington County to Hillsboro.
Bullet Arrow Durham Treatment Plant 
Is there enough water in the lower Tualatin for drinking water purposes? The river is recharged at Durham by outflow from Clean Water Services, but there may not be enough water to meet year-round municipal demands.