Technical Reports

Hillsboro's Long-term Water Supply Study has required an extraordinary amount of analysis work, as well as some preliminary engineering design. Components of this nature can be highly technical, highly complex, and full of industry jargon. While the information on the web pages of this site attempt to translate all of the complexity of the multi-year study and planning process (2009 - current)  into summarized layman's terms, the documents on this page are presented "as is," for those seeking a deeper level of understanding of the process.

It is important to note that these documents are part of a high-level feasibility planning process. Some of the information contained in them will continue to be studied and could be changed or superceded at a later date, as more specific data is obtained.  Some parts of the reports may also become outdated as the actual project specifications are developed.  New information will be posted as it becomes available, and new reports will continue to be generated as part of this ongoing project . If you have any questions about the reports presented here, or would like to confirm that you are reading the most current information available, please call (503) 615-6702. 


Thank you.

Long-term Water Supply Study 

pdf Water Rights
pdf Water Rights Appendices
pdf Water Quality
pdf Water Demand Projections
pdf Permitting Analysis
pdf Summary of Water Supply Options
pdf Cost Estimating Detail
pdf Cost Risk
pdf Phasing of Water Supply Options
pdf Economic Analysis
pdf Cost Share Analysis
pdf Criteria Evaluation
pdf Community Feedback Report
pdf Local Groundwater Development Potential Study

If your browser is unable to load these documents, please note they are also available for review at the Water Department.  For more information, please contact us.

If you do not have a PDF reader installed, please download Adobe Acrobat.